Genovo works with your DPC team to coordinate resources for care

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The DPC doctors of Genovo that work to create a healthcare experience of comprehensive care, efficiency, convenience and accessibility

Partners in Your Health

Straight Shot Training is an exclusive training program that meets your needs.  You can have home training virtually and have your work-outs custom made to your desires and resources

Amazon Recommendations

There are many medical products on the market from ace wraps to syringes.  Here are some direct links and some recommendations for purchase.

Curbside Consult

Curbside Consult with Dr Ken Rictor is a YouTube program that shares a variety of medical tips and information.  Many of the topics are geared toward Direct Primary Care so that many can share in the benefits of this model.  Subscribe



I love my DPC doctor.  It is so easy to contact them with my phone.  Texting is nice and easy and I am quick to get an answer.  Love it!!


Initially my wife and I debated Direct Primary Care since we already had Medicare and good insurance but we could never get into see our doctor and there always seemed to be an extra out of pocket expense.  I am able to spend more time with my doctor who truly listens to my concerns. Best decision we have made


I love being able to connect with my doctor from home.  I take care of my mother and it is hard for me to leave.  DPC works perfect for me


I travel a lot with business and it is always nice to know that my doctor is a text away.