Genovo MAX is a revolutionary program which combines your personal medical history with disease specific labs and a comprehensive DNA analysis to give you the keys to unlock your optimal health, longevity and maximal performance

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What we eat and how we eat is critical in order to reach our health and activity goals.  Achieving optimal weight and maximal performance starts with our unique diet.


The human body is made to move.  The benefits of exercise are many from stress reduction to longevity and performance.  The goal of improved movement is achieved with DNA guided exercise regimens.


The body repairs and restores function with rest and sleep.  How much do we sleep?  Is it restful and restorative?  To learn how to sleep is critical to your body healing and enhancing performance and weight control


To be able to shut down all stimuli and restore thought is critical for our future cognition, reduction of stress, control of blood pressure and increase immunity.

Precision Genomic Medicine

Our traditional medical world has diagnosed and treated conditions using statistics and average group data.  "Average" lab values are called "Normal"  But is that your normal and is that your optimal?

Using your past medical history, family history, specialized lab tests and, now, a comprehensive analysis of your unique DNA,  Genovo MAX will be able to provide you with a comprehensive blueprint to build optimal health, maximal performance and longevity

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